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Macpherson Semi-Detached Sold

I am a retiree at my 70s and it was my first experience selling a house and then purchasing a new house. I am really glad that I had trusted Ethan to bring through the entire process. Ethan is a very reliable agent as he works in a very systematic manner and was able to give me thorough updates throughout the entire process. He is a confident young man whom was able to hand hold me the entire process of selling and explain to me in details the proceeds of sale, timeline of sale and the problems that we were facing during the sale. Even though there were some hiccups during the process of selling, he was able to resolve them in time for me to purchase my new house. He also found me a temporary place to stay in while waiting for my new house to be completed. 

All in all, I am really happy to met him and will recommend him to anyone who is looking for a reliable, honest and experienced agent. We are even friends now as we constantly meet up for chats.

Eugene + Eeling

Lentor Terrace House Sold

We chose ERA because they are one of the most affluent Real Estate Brand in Singapore. Indeed, they provided us with a trustworthy and knowledgable salesperson to guide us along the sale of our terrace house. 

We are grateful for his effort as we had our terrace sold within 1 week and one of the highest priced in the estate.

Thank you for the great service. Continue the great work!


Springleaf Semi-Detached Sold

I am really glad that I appointed Ethan to sell my house. Ethan is a down to earth and reliable broker that sold my house within 3 months of marketing. He was able to proactively explain and guide me through the entire selling process. Ethan was able to present and showcase the good points of my house and eventually gave me a good price for my house. He hand-held me through the entire journey and I am happy with his services. If you are looking for someone that you can trust, he is the man for job.


Bought Queens Peak

Ethan has been of great help in my property journey. He is proactive, diligent and goes the extra mile to serve his clients. More importantly, he is very motivated in serving his client where he has done an impressive amount of work in presenting the data while running future projections on property growth and rental analysis. Through my interactions with him, I was able to understand Singapore's property market.

To add on, Ethan was patient and attentive to my current criteria and narrowed down several options for me to choose from while explaining the pros and cons of each property. Through his value-added service, I had the assurance and the confidence in my purchase.


Overall, Ethan has exceeded and gone above and beyond in his services. In short, I was able to purchase my property at a below-market valuation in the current "hot" market condition while achieving the highest rental yield amongst comparable units and quantum. I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or sell their property.


Bought The Plaza

Ethan was the agent for the apartment I purchased. As a first-time home buyer, I really appreciated how helpful, reliable, and transparent he was throughout the whole process. He understood my unique needs and kept me appraised about new units in the market that fit my requirements. He focused on answering my questions, giving good advice, and finding homes that met my needs as opposed to just closing a deal. He also proved his knowledge of the various districts and was able to help me to identify pockets of value in the market. He was also an excellent negotiator with a personalised touch. All in all, Ethan helped to make my purchase as simple and successful as possible. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Oversea client, HDB sold

Ethan is an agent who would constantly go above and beyond to make sure you receive the best result whilst having a pleasant experience selling your property. As a PR trying to sell a house in Singapore, it was not easy due to certain restrictions. Moreover, I was located outside of the country so that made it even more challenging. Before finding Ethan, I was engaging with a different agent for over 5 years but there was continuously no luck - that was how difficult the situation was. After hearing my story, Ethan reached out to offer help. He was confident he could do it and I decided to trust his words, which I am truly glad I did. Never did I expect that we would sell the house within the ideal price range but also in less than a year! My family and I can’t be anymore grateful for Ethan’s help. He provides a top quality service and experience, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who has plans to sell their homes.

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